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The study in the UK from Bangladesh is one of the most popular destinations for the international student, Worlds top ranking universities are located in the UK. Ash & W International Education Consultant is the official UK University Agent in Bangladesh. Every year a number of students apply for higher education in the UK from Bangladesh. Getting higher education is an important part of success in today’s world. It’s competitive out there, so the students need to be prepared for the upcoming challenges of life and getting higher education from quality & reputed universities are the pathway to it.

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Study in Uk from Bangladesh, A study abroad education in UK, USA or Canada from Bangladesh has always placed great importance on the ability of students to work independently and develop their own thinking. The end result is that students emerge from an international education not only with a thorough understanding of their subject but also with analytical abilities and problem-solving skills that are much prized by employers in later life.
Currently, UK offers the easier access route to Study/Work/Migrate internationally. Embrace your independence with a UK education. You can think for yourself, make your own decisions and learn the way you want to.
British Education means quality education – British Education is known all around the world for its quality. It teaches you skills that are relevant and much sought-after by companies. British degrees are of variety, affordable, of the highest quality and give compact ability and respectability.

Quality Assured: The UK operates a unique quality assurance system that ensures accountability in all areas. A qualification from a UK institution is very prestigious, as standards are high at all levels. Universities and colleges are continually assessed by official bodies that grade the standard of their research and teaching.

A valuable cultural experience: The UK is a country under change: a vibrant, vital place, alive to new ideas and open to new influences. Diverse ethnic communities find their voice in British society, a standing testimony to its multicultural existence.

Variety and choice: UK universities and colleges offer a huge range of academic and vocational opportunities available at all levels, from further to higher education. Ash & W International Education Consultant is the official University Agent.

Value for money:  One of the most attractive features of studying in the UK is that it offers good value for money. Most undergraduate degrees take three years, making them shorter than similar programmes in other countries and very cost-effective, although nowadays there are two-year degree programmes offered mostly by UK colleges. Some postgraduate degrees last only one year (as opposed to two in other countries), which means you can finish your degree more quickly and start earning more in the workforce.

The United Kingdom always being one of the preferred places to study among international students. The people, geographical location, historical places, modern infrastructures and communication system always well appreciated by the people around the globe. The UK is the land of success and opportunities to build an established career.

British degree accepted globally. Most of the UK universities students get in employment just right after they complete their study. In Bangladesh, there are so many multinational and global companies managers, CEO and top management employees are British degree holders. That’s not only because they studied in the UK because they gain most advanced and quality education of real Business world or another field.

Bangladeshi students fall in international student’s tuition fees category. Though the tuition fees vary on the course they choose also university to University but for international students its starts from £ 9000 to £15000 per year for both Bachelor and Master’s program.

Students from Bangladesh will able to find universities by search in Google, UK university representative in Bangladesh and also form education fairs. There are few common search words through which we can easily find links about the UK universities. Followings are:
1. List of UK universities
2. Study Bachelor/ Master in the UK
3. Low tuition fees Universities in the UK
4. Study Masters/ Bachelor in London from Bangladesh

It’s very obvious that before a student went in a foreign country they need to research on that particular area, education institutes, courses and other factors.

Once students have most of the universities website information, they should look upon the following pieces of information:-
1. Whether the appropriate course is offering by the university?
2. University ranking.
3. bout the tuition fees and scholarships opportunity for Bangladeshi students.
4. Employability rate of the university after completing the course.
5. Admission requirement for Bangladeshi students.
6. Post-study opportunities.
7. Student’s satisfactory review.

It was very time to consume a decade before. Nowadays students from Bangladesh or from anywhere in the world, they are able to take admission or apply for the university courses through university online application form.
There are also many reputed and British Council Listed consultancy firms in Bangladesh, they are the direct and authorized representative of UK universities. Bangladeshi students can apply through them in multiple universities to get the best option of study in the UK

1. Passport copy (with the previous visa copy if you have)
2. All academic certificates and transcripts copy
3. IELTS test result copy
4. CV
5. Statement of Purpose(250 words)

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